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Aluminium ladder

ITEM NO          STEP       CLOSED       EXTENDED

                                           HEIGHT          HEIGHT

Q120-  9                9            74cm             260cm

Q120- 10             10            78m               290cm

Q120- 11             11            82cm             320cm

Q120- 12             12            84cm             350cm

Q120- 13             13            88cm             380cm


 270 DH

 290 DH

 310 DH

 330 DH

​ 350 DH

The aluminium telescopic ladder is a market leading product that is now available from Unique Scaffolding. The ladder is intuitively designed to cater for users who need an access solution that is easily transported and stored. When retracted the ladder can fit in a car and be carried around easily. This makes it a perfect solution for tradesmen, engineers or electricians who are travelling to several locations in the same day. The ladder is easily extended uptoto 3.8 meters and has a total of 13 steps. Aluminium telescopic ladder has been manufactured to the best standard using high grade aluminium. It has been designed to UK and European safety standards including EN131 Certificate.

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