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Aluminium Ladder

Aluminium Scaffolding

ITEM NO           SPEC      STRAIGHT        TOTAL                PRICE

                                            HEIGHT          HEIGHT

Q152-6A            3X6         378cm             255cm

Q152-7A            3X7         445cm             285cm

Q152-8A            3X8         485cm             336cm

Q152-9A            3X9         535cm             388cm

Q152-10A          3X10       674cm             462cm

Two-Piece and Three-Piece Aluminium Multipurpose Ladders


Two-piece and three-piece multipurpose ladders made by Unique - a flexible companion for all kind of works

Up to five different assembly variations are possible and hence the Unique multipurpose ladders are real all-rounder's. You can use it as a leaning ladder, a slided out standing ladder, a double-sided standing ladder, a slided in leaning ladder or you can use it with its stair function. These ladders will never let you down.

Due to the high stability of our ladders and many added comfort features for example the extra wide stabilisers, rails made of aluminium press profile and additionally reinforced corners a Unique Multipurpose Ladder will become an indispensable companion for your everyday life.

Unique multipurpose Ladders can be bought in well-sorted specialised stores and home improvement stores as well as online. Unique multipurpose ladders offer … just more ladder!

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